Twinkling Watermelon (2023)

Twinkling Watermelon (2023)


Other name: 반짝이는 워터멜론 / 閃亮的西瓜 / Banjjagineun Woteomellon / Shining Watermelon / Sparkling Watermelon / Дорама Игристый арбуз

Synopsis: Eun Gyeol, a student with hearing-impaired parents, possesses an exceptional musical talent. By day, he excels as a model student, while by night, he strums his guitar as a member of a band. One fateful day, he stumbles upon a mysterious musical instrument store, leading to an unexpected journey.

In this unfamiliar realm, Eun Gyeol encounters three individuals: Yi Chan, Se Kyung, and Cheong A. Together, they decide to form a band known as “Watermelon Sugar.” Amidst their musical pursuits, Yi Chan finds himself smitten with Se Kyung, renowned as the “Cello Goddess” of Seowon Arts High School, and endeavors to win her heart.


Status: Completed

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