6 Comments to “Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022) Episode 14

  1. I-Am speechless this ep- they just broke all the little hopes i had ? But lookin forward to why they aren’t together, aagh!!!

    1. so am i, like i comforted myself on what little hope the fans gave on the fan pages, some giving opinion that he might have just renamed or hoped that it’s just a twist, but, this….. this is just…. i knew it was a slim hope knowing that Min-Chae didn’t even speak about how the face is similar to her father, but now, all hope just gone to smoke. i honestly don’t know if i can continue watching this, i’m prolly out in this series.. sigh

  2. I’m just really hoping that Yi-Jin is Min-Chae’s father and that Hee-do broke off the wedding.

  3. If those 2 don’t end up together I’m fighting someone shame no way… ? argh what in the star crossed lovers is this yoh

  4. The end of this ep is heartbreaking… But i love so much this k-drama. I yhink it will be my favorited one !

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