The Worst of Evil (2023)


The drama is set in 1990s Seoul. A former DJ establishes control over a notorious gang and starts distributing a potent new drug known as “Gangnam Crystal” within the city’s nightclubs. With limited information on the drug’s origin, the police launch a crackdown operation. Assigned to infiltrate the drug trafficking organization is Park Jun Mu, a rural police officer. To his surprise, he discovers that his wife, Yoo Eui Jung, also a detective, has volunteered for the perilous mission. It becomes evident that Eui Jung shares a mysterious history with the ruthless drug lord they’re targeting.

As Jun Mu delves deeper into the drug cartel, he not only wages a relentless battle against the criminal organization but also goes to great lengths to ensure his wife’s safety throughout the dangerous operation.

Director: Han Dong Wook [한동욱] and Park Keun Beom [박근범]

Also known as: 최악의 악 恶中之恶 Choeagui Ag The Worst Evil Дорама Худшее из зол


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Sep 27, 2023

Genres: , , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , ,

The Worst of Evil (2023) trailer

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