The Starry Love (2023)


The drama tells the story of twin sisters born to the revered queen of the human tribe. The elder sister, Qing Kui, is known for her gentle and kind nature and is betrothed to the heavenly prince, earning her the respect of the entire tribe. Meanwhile, the younger sister, Ye Tan, is shunned by her own people due to her intelligence and cunning, and is betrothed to the demon prince.

However, a mix-up occurs, and the sisters end up marrying the wrong princes. This mistake sets the stage for two beautiful romances and a conspiracy that shakes the four realms. As the story unfolds, the sisters must navigate the challenges of their new lives and fight against those who seek to tear them apart.

The Starry Love (2023) is the third installment in “The Honey Trilogy,” following the popular dramas “Ashes of Love” and “Skate Into Love.”

Also known as: 星落凝成糖 Xing Luo Ning Cheng Tang


Status: Ongoing

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