The Princess Royal (2024) Episode 28

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8 Comments to “The Princess Royal (2024) Episode 28

  1. Btw what do you all think of Cui Yulang and Fenming as a couple? one is such a flamboyant fancy boy while other is a serious skilled soldier.

  2. I can not wait for it to end so that I can start watching it I’m dying to start the drama.😍😍

  3. This was a fun episode. The scheme with Mr Cui is nice and convoluted. Jealous Pei stealing the wheels off the wagon. The “divorced” couple’s sneaky conversation in public and not him giving her a finger heart lmao
    And LR and SRQ officially say goodbye to their friendship.

  4. I’m just here to say that I’m very excited for that hot tub scene!!! When will they get married again and have babies

  5. PWX is the ‘real PRINCESS’ here while his wife is his KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR 🤭😂 stalking his wife made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣🤣 btw, i saw the 29-30 trailers and i couldn’t stopped from laughing. PWX and Mr. Cui’s scene climbing the wall was hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. 🤣 pei dug deep into his petty bag this ep, and he’s right too bc why was the princess talking to everyone but him??! i just love how lirong pours into her brother, she’s now such an excellent big sister.
    I really like this Mr cui I hope he doesn’t lose his head. imo, su’s biggest tragedy is that he never even tried, he should have thrown himself at the princess in the beginning when she offered and worked with her to rewrite history, just like pei did. but noo, smh

  7. their secret meeting and them being brightest when together is ❤️❤️. For now, keeping su rongqing aside, i am pissed off at his majesty and consort rou. just cause she is not from the royal family, doesn’t mean the emperor has to trust her blindly. she is vicious than the nobles. the very fact that she is poisoning the emperor shows how ruthless she is as a person. but all she can do is harm others. she cant think of her own. anyone can make a fool of her. i hate when she squints her eyes like should i just get inside the screen and poke her eyes and slap her.
    also the mother of princess and crown prince. damn, the girl said she is not cut out for politics so just be a mother and here she is agreeing everything her brother said. for her, only her maternal home is home and emperor is not, no wonder they fall out of love. but do emperor really loves consort rou or he is just supporting her to piss off the empress??

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