The Killing Vote (2023)


In a society where serious criminals escape legal consequences, a unique process unfolds: all adults over 18 get a text asking if the criminal should get the death penalty. If more than half agree, a person called “Dog Mask,” who operates in a virtual world, carries out the execution. Meanwhile, the police work to catch “Dog Mask,” and three people get involved:

Kim Moo Chan, who leads a special team at the Southern Police Agency.
Kwon Seok Joo, a former legal scholar who took the law into his own hands to avenge his daughter’s attacker and turned himself in.
Joo Hyun, a police officer with 5 years’ experience at the Cyber Safety Bureau in Seoul.
This story is based on the webcomic “Gukminsahyeongtupyo” (국민사형투표) by Um Se Yoon (엄세윤) and Jung Yi Pum (정이품).

Episodes: 12

Also known as: 국민사형투표 国民死刑投票 / Gukminsahyeongtupyo / National Death Penalty Vote


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Aug 10, 2023

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The Killing Vote (2023) trailer

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