The Interests of Love (2022)


A romantic story of four people who met at the Youngpo branch of KCU Bank.

Ha Sang-soo ( Yoo Young-seok ) is the senior head of the Comprehensive Consulting Team at Nara Bank’s Yongpo branch. A handsome, intelligent, kind-hearted, with a good sense of humor and a confident young man who does not succumb to life’s challenges. He is very popular among the staff, which is also a source of envy for many others.

Ahn Soo-young ( Moon Ga-young ) is the senior teller at the Nara Bank branch. as the goddess of Yeongpo branch, she possesses gorgeous looks and a sweet voice. Soo-young believes that love is not eternal and can disappear at any moment, but is thrilled by the man who gets close to her.

Park Mi-kyung ( Keum Sae-rok ) comes from a wealthy family. She is self-centered and quite open with her feelings. When she has someone that she likes, she makes that person join her side no matter what. But now she is getting into a relationship that doesn’t go her way.

Jung Jong-hyun ( Jung Ga-ram ) is preparing for his cop exam. He has a strong character that makes him go all the way to the end. Jonghyun’s life is tough.

Based on Lee Hyuk-chin’s novel “Sarangui Yihae” (2019).

Other name: 사랑의 이해 愛情的理解 Sarangui Ihae /Understanding of Love /Interests of Love


Status: Completed

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