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15 Comments to “Start-Up (2020) Episode 16

  1. it was the best drama I’ve ever watched il my whole life. I am so happy, I’ve wait 2 years for the drama and it was good choice.
    The actors, the scenes, the drama himself was so perfect.
    Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy can you adopt me as your child 🙂

  2. i really love this drama ❤️very fascinating ?.#dodalcouple daebak!❤️❤️more projects to suzy and joo hyuk❤️ fighting!?❤️❤️

  3. Now I know y this drama got such low rating n people doesn’t love it that much it must be because I think many viewers love to see Mr Han as main character n seo dal mi as his partner in dis drama but seo dal mi getting end up loving nam do San which doesn’t look great as a viewer many peple hate dat but if they might have turn in it different way and make Mr Han as main character peple must have realy like dis drama but it end up in very boring way so it was so boring to watch if I could rate dis drama I would give 1 star rating it’s not worth of watching

  4. One of the best dramas ever..
    Very light, romantic, and very relatable.. Struggle and even failures doesnt mean the end of everything.. Beautiful and very meaningful..

    Spoilers ahead..
    So i saw a reply where it says that the rating so so low and the drama is a disappointment because dal mi should have ended up with Mr. Han..
    Im a fan of suzy, kim seon ho and nam joo hyuk.. So there is no bias, but when i look at it as a drama i think dal mi definitely deserved do san and vice versa.. The reason was given by Mr. Han.. Dal mi wrote letters to Mr. Han and then stopped for 15 years while Mr. Han was busy with his life he forgot about dal mi also, he did not even bother to find her or be curious what happened to her whether she was okay.. He was indebted to her grandmother which is why he again started following her and developed feelings after 15 years..
    But in contrast real do san, when he read the letter she wrote he fell in love with her ❤️ and even went to her rescue..
    And when we think about do san’s feelings, he had to struggle alot between the her memory and real him.. I felt so bad for him, he must have been hurt alot to not express himself.. Its super beautiful ❤️ what happened to Mr. Han is heartbreaking but when we look who deserved dal mi more was nam do san..
    Do san left his love and everything he had to be good enough for dal mi ❤️ not even one day had gone without her memory ❤️ for 3 years he only had one person in his heart that was dal mi ❤️ so who do u think deserves dalmi more ?
    Its one of the best drama i had watched recently with a beautiful ending..! Loved it! ❤️❤️

  5. I love this kdrama, it makes sense, we in the Philippines soon launch the adaptation drama. Hoping we got a justice for this! AJA FIGHTING!

  6. This drama is awesome ?? melted my heart ❤️ I love it simply I fall in love with this drama?

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