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8 Comments to “Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024) Episode 76

  1. lmao they had to make Uri be the eldest son so he will be the one in charge and Suji will be the wife of the first born so she’ll be the higher up in the family hierarchy too

  2. I think that Uri is the missing son of Doctor HJT and Ma Ri? it’s quite intense if it”s the case!

  3. The moment i saw that sequin jacket, i could tell he was trying to pull a scam. At his age, you’d expect the dad to be more careful and avoid falling for scams but unfortunately he’s a dumbo 😂 btw why isn’t wori looking for his bio parents? It’s only a matter of time before Nayoung discovers his true identity


    Flashback, Hyun Woo is sick. HJT will take HHW to a Pediatric Clinic. Ma Ri gave HHW toy car when they parted ways.

    Ma Ri cries, she regrets that she didn’t come with them at that time, HHW wouldn’t have disappeared at that time. While crying, she apologized. She put HHW’s photo on her chest and continued to cry.
    JNY peeked. HJT reprimanded JNY and asked JNY to come downstairs.
    HJT enters the room. He hopes Ma Ri will forget the past. Ma Ri thinks HHW is still alive. HJT stated that they failed when searching for HHW’s whereabouts.
    Ma Ri kicks HJT out, she needs time.
    HJT stated let’s just say HHW is back to life and getting ready to welcome their grandchild.
    Ma Ri looks at HHW’s wanted brochure.
    HJT asks JNY to persuade Ma Ri, show what JNY is capable of…

    U Ri suggests they have a team dinner, he has something to announce.

    HHS stated he had an older brother. 30 years ago, HJT took him to the hospital, and he disappeared there. JNY finally finds out about the conflict between HJT and Ma Ri.
    JNY will try to persuade Ma Ri for the benefit of all of them.

    ASB is shocked because they are siblings. He was annoyed because he was the only one who didn’t know yet.
    Su Ji apologized. U Ri stated they had no more secrets. ASB is still curious.
    Chief states they are both very similar. When ASB stated that they both looked alike, Ga Rim was immediately annoyed and angry when she stated that they were not related by blood.
    Su Ji gets annoyed when U Ri twists her head.
    They toasted and drank together.

    Uncle is worried about Su Ji and U Ri. He was ready to move rooms. He gets annoyed when Auntie scolds him, he leaves. CSY understands Auntie’s upset feelings.

    Producers contacted JJS. Stepmom asked JJS to immediately transfer the money, she was very proud that JDY would become a star, their family would become very rich. Grandma still doubts. JJS mentions the award plaque Producer has. Stepmom asked JJS to immediately send the money because JJS had no reason to hesitate. Grandma reprimanded Stepmom again.
    JJS will send the money immediately.
    JDY comes. He was confused when Stepmom asked for his autograph. He was shocked when JJS stated he would support him. He remembers Doo Ri’s words. He got in the way when JJS wanted to transfer the money. He stated his GF told him he shouldn’t just trust other people. Those who ask for money are scammers.

    Doo Ri looks for information about Producer. She immediately contacted JDY. JDY saw an article about Producer. Doo Ri is relieved that they haven’t transferred the money yet.
    JDY saw an article about Producer being scammer. They were all relieved that JJS had not transferred the money. They finally find out that it was Doo Ri who helped them.
    JJS is disappointed with himself… JDY suggests they immediately launch their business.

    CSY talks to a lawyer. She didn’t agree with Auntie’s suggestion. She immediately contacted JJS. JJS promises he and Stepmom will be witnesses. Stepmom doesn’t want to admit what she did in front of the judge. Grandma forced and threatened her. She was annoyed because CSY still did that at Su Ji’s request. JJS asked her not to worry, because he would also testify later.

    JNY meets Ma Ri. She showed the baby’s ultrasound photo. Ma Ri agrees to go shopping and eat with JNY.
    JNY was very proud when they met Su Ji and U Ri.
    U Ri wants to talk to Ma Ri. Ma Ri is annoyed. U Ri scolds Ma Ri for not apologizing to CSY. He sees Ma Ri insulting CSY. As CSY’s son, he couldn’t allow that.
    JNY was curious. Su Ji was confused because JNY was still worried. JNY taunts that because they are still together, she supports them both.
    U Ri stated he believed Ma Ri would apologize to CSY. He excused himself and paid his respects.
    Su Ji is still curious because U Ri didn’t tell her.
    Ma Ri asks JNY to come home after they have lunch, she is going somewhere.

    Auntie gets annoyed when HJT comes. HJT apologizes. Auntie comes out because CSY wants to talk to HJT.
    HJT apologizes to CSY. CSY stated she didn’t expect Ma Ri to think that way about her. She asked HJT not to visit the resto again.
    HJT stated that Ma Ri had suffered from severe depression for a long time, he asked CSY to understand Ma Ri’s attitude. CSY stated that this was also a reason for HJT not to come here. HJT understands what CSY means, he will refrain from coming.

    At the end of the episode, Ma Ri enters the resto. CSY reprimanded HJT, HJT’s statement could make Ma Ri misunderstand. CSY asks HJT to leave. HJT stated that a long time ago, he and Ma Ri lost a child. CSY was shocked. HJT and CSY were shocked when they heard Ma Ri’s voice… Ma Ri looked annoyed and angry.

    Next, Uncle reprimanded them. This is not the place for them to quarrel…. HJT gets angry at Ma Ri. HJT states is there even an end to this excruciatingly long tunnel?… JNY asks Maid to give her the key, she is the DIL of this family… JNY goes into HHW’s room… U Ri looks happy but actually he is sad… CSY states for U Ri’s sake, she will make Su Ji her daughter. Su Ji was confused. CSY states that Su Ji doesn’t know why U Ri gave up on her. Su Ji cried while lying in her room.

  5. Thoughts for today’s episode
    – HJT: you emotionally cheated on your wife with SY ,get over yourself.
    -MR : get your ass out of your head, stop wallowing and go find your son. Its 2024, technology is much more advanced, we have age progression software and dna testing readily available. Go to the freaking police and submit your dna to the database for missing children comparison. Or hire a freaking PI if you’re so pressed ,lord knows you have the means for it.
    -NY and HS : y’all are a disaster waiting to happen, keep it up.
    -SJ: this character is slowly withering away, wont be surprised if was killed off. Actually I’m not opposed to the idea. It might change and elevate the drama.
    -SY : you have a cellphone, use it. I guess you need MR to drag your hair in public before you stop meeting her husband in private and in public.
    -SJ father and step mother : Somebody throw this couple in jail already so they’ll stop causing their children problems.
    -UR : take a break, go on vacation ,you deserve it.
    -SY sister/ Aunt : Irritant
    Everyone else is slightly tolerable.

  6. Ma Ri weeps as she holds a photo of Hyun Woo, caught in her sorrowful moment by Na Young. Hyun Sung later confides in Na Young about his older brother who disappeared thirty years ago. Yoon Ja faces the challenge of testifying in court to secure Su Ji’s legal status as Sun Young’s child. Jin Tae shares with Sun Young the pain that Ma Ri has been experiencing. Meanwhile, Doo Ri once more plays a crucial role in assisting Do Young.

  7. With this nonsense about the family register and me skipping the NY scenes putting on a good daughter-in-law face, she and HS started living as a couple? Isn’t that weird? She has a goal, a purpose since she saw SJ with HS and knew he was the son of an important family, but HS is only motivated by the responsibility of a son? He has the need like JS to be scammed.

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