8 Comments to “My Roommate is a Gumiho (2021) Episode 1

  1. it was such a nice start and i amm totally fell in love with ittt ❤❤❤ looking forward to more episodeesss ???

  2. omg the whole time im wheeling. This drama is so hilarious. God i love the actress so much <33

  3. I’m interested and find it appealing!!! Looking and waiting for more episode to watch. The actors perform their parts very well

  4. why did they change it from men born in the year of the rooster to the year of the tiger? it makes no sense because the whole reason it is is because roosters are fox’s enemies, so she can’t eat chicken or touch men born in those years. tiger makes no sense lol.

  5. i have heard so much about these and am honestly happy and not disappointed at all the fuss was worth the wait

  6. This is such a nice start, but wtf is with her friends? Why would you ever leave your friend alone for long periods of times?! Already hate her friends now.

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