My Name (2021) Episode 8

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10 Comments to “My Name (2021) Episode 8

  1. really wanted ji woo to kill pil do..but he died at last…serves him right..fuck ur romance in other dramas..not in this one again fucker..!!!

    1. pil do had to die otherwise this story of blind vengeance wouldn’t have as gory an end.

      I think a better ending would’ve been pil do isn’t killed and dongeon turns himself in and (for the gore porn) executes himself in the police station.

  2. i think you didn’t understand at all why you want to jiwoo kill pil do what the heck go back try to re watch the drama till you will understand

  3. drama about revenge and strict notions of betrayal and loyalty in the context of loose law and law enforcement and bad cops trying to take down a drug-dealing mafia. so korean.

  4. Want doncheon to last till the end!! Choi Mujin have to live till the end want him to be with the girl

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