My Boss (2024)


Other name: 你也有今天


Cheng Yao, who dreamt of becoming a lawyer, was recruited by a top lawyer firm. Hence, she decides to move to an apartment closer to her workplace. However, Cheng Yao did not expect to have a housemate, whom she could not get along with. The person turns out to be her new boss, Qian Heng. Qian Heng recruited her into his team, and began his monstrous training. His aim was to chase away Cheng Yao, whom he thought got into the company by relations. Cheng Yao does not know why she landed in this situation, and decides to work harder. She showed great performance in the midst of training, changing Qian Heng’s impression toward her. Slowly, they begin to develop feelings for each other, and entered a happy marriage. Cheng Yao also becomes a qualified lawyer.

Also known as: 你也有今天


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 31, 2022

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Starring: ,

14 Comments to “My Boss (2024)

  1. In today’s ep it was so lovely thank god they didn’t delete, that he always carries snacks or chocolates for her so that if she is ever upset or crying he will console her. And she took care of his irregular diet which causing him some stomach prblm. ?

  2. ML and FL both concern for each others. They’re both in love, but trying to control it.?

  3. Is the female lead stronger in character bow like does she know how to defend herself now? Cause im on episode 14 now and shes very weak

  4. QH’s reward offer: “ read law violation…” wahahah. Very romantic! And we finally got our first kiss with Bao Rui’s interruption. But appeared came ML’s mother. lol!

  5. To all translators, thank-you! You are doing a great job. We really appreciate all your hard work.

  6. When will all these episodes be translated? Sound like a good one. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Awaiting…..

  7. It says it’s in English translation already but when you upload from episode 31 , it’s not?? Why ? Don’t they have translators available?

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