MINE (2021)


Other name: 마인 : MINE 블루다이아 Beulludaia Main : MINE Blue Diamond

Synopsis: tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Mine’  is about strong women who overcome the prejudice of the world and find their true selves.

Former top actress Seo Hee Soo chose to gave up her carrer and married the second son of the chaebol group Hyowon. She puts in all sorts of effort to fit in the new and covert world of chaebol families. She manages to keep her true colors with confidence in everything she does.

Jung Seo Hyun is married to the first son of the same chaebol family. She is from a traditional and powerfully wealthy family and is born with elegance, dignity, and intelligence.

Also known as: 마인 : MINE 블루다이아 Beulludaia Main : MINE / Blue Diamond


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: May 08, 2021

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MINE (2021) trailer

5 Comments to “MINE (2021)

  1. They have a very big house but why is hajoon’s room very
    small? And is the hospital room where hi soo was using not for VIP? 😂

  2. Very underrated drama. This deserves more attention from the public. Cruel people are shaped from dysfunctional family and neglected care during childhood and its generously depicted here. And tge bond between Hi-soo and Ha-joon is heart-warming. I always look forward to their interaction. Keep going. Top drama of 2021. Cheers!

  3. This is nice to watch in 2021. Highly recommended guys. Enjoyy!

    Ps. Iloveyouu Ms. Jung!!!

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