Love Song for Illusion (2024)

Love Song for Illusion (2024)


Other name: 환상연가 / 幻像戀歌 / Hwansangyeonga / Fantastic Love Story / Fantasy Love Story / Fantasy Sonata / Fantasy Love Song / Сказочная соната / أغنية حب للوهم

Synopsis:Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and assassin girl Yeon Wol are the main characters of Love Song for Illusion. Sajo Hyun is an intellectual character who hides his identity of crown prince and works as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique. His other personality Ak Hee is a charming character but cursed to feel extreme pain when he makes physical touch with others. Yeon Wol is the royal descendant of the fallen Yeon Dynasty and the only daughter of Yeon Poong Hak. To avenge her family, she hides her identity and becomes assassin Gye Ra. When trying to assassinate the king, she falls into a trap set by an unknown person and wakes up the next day with no memory of her past. In a story of heart-fluttering love and fierce obsession, Yeon Wol comes to discover her true feelings for the crown prince while struggling to remember her past.
Adapted from the webtoon “Love Song for Illusion” (환상연가) by Vanziun (반지운).
Episodes: 16
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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13 Comments to “Love Song for Illusion (2024)

  1. Not sure why there’s so many negative comments. I’m actually quite enjoying this drama so far!

  2. agree? idk if it’s the pacing but I feel like every episode is leaving me desiring more, and not in an anticipatory way :/ like the few recent episodes continue to leave off on an un-enjoyable plot point. I know there is 16 episodes total so i’m sure there’s some moving plot points left for the 2nd half of the show T_T trying my best to enjoy fr

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