Love Endures (2024)

Love Endures (2024)


Other name: 要久久爱 / 十七岁你喜欢谁 / 十七歲你喜歡誰 / 199爱 / 199 Ai / Yi Jiu Jiu Ai / Shi Qi Sui Ni Xi Huan Shei / 199 Love Stories of Our Youth / My Love in Seventeen / Who Do You Like at Seventeen? / Stories of Our Youth / 199 Love / Stories of Youth and Love

Synopsis: “Born and raised in a state-owned courtyard, Huang Yuan Zi, Jiang Yi, Fang Ming Yu, Zhuang Yuan, Lan Yi Fei, and Guan Chao became close friends at the age of 6 after a factory accident. Despite their promise to stick together, the friends were forced to go their separate ways due to a tragic event during the Gaokao college entrance exam. Now, at the age of 30, they receive news of Guan Chao’s impending marriage, triggering memories and a desire to reunite. With the help of Huang Yuanzi, the group of six will face challenges in their attempt to rekindle their friendship and answer lingering questions from their past. Can these childhood friends overcome the changes in their lives and find a way back to each other? Based on the novel “Who Do You Like at Seventeen” by Ying Shi Liu, this drama consists of 32 episodes with a duration of 45 minutes each.”


Status: Completed

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17 Comments to “Love Endures (2024)

  1. Is YOUKO here to save me from a C drama slump then I guess it’s safe to say Yes……please be good I can’t wait!!!

  2. Guys help!! I can’t find this on my YOUKU app I wanted to be ready for once it premiere. I just type in loved endures and even looked up coming soon and I can’t find it

  3. i think yulele likes suspense dramas, there was even a suspense plot in the psychologist which was completely random (i enjoyed it tho) but in this drama it fits well.

  4. That is Sun Yan Zi (Stefanie Sun), the singer that she idolises in the show (she is a real singing superstar haha, grew up on her songs too!)

  5. Another priceless moments when Yingzi find this idea taking each one beating for an specialty that he missed to save GC and the transition from the present where she managed to bring everyone back. She’s so bright bringing happiness anytime she’s involved.

  6. just finished ep 1 and I can relate to the feelings of missing your friends in school who you have grown apart with, I think this show will be very well-liked for working adults/ adults almost graduating unviersity and afterwards… hits hard when you realise that you can’t go back to school anymore where you don’t have to plan months ahead to meet your friends and that you can talk and do the most random things with them everyday. I always want to turn back in time and cherish that time properly.

  7. Still on ep 5 since they just released good English subs for it but I feel like I already know what happened in ep 9 and 10😂😂

  8. I would recommend watching it on Kukan, they have more accurate subs than Jiangsu and have Ep 1-5 properly subbed. Another option is Viki but they’ll take longer to sub since they just started subbing the drama.

  9. Am about to start this drama only for my girl Yangzi but the rating looks low so want to know how’s the story and chemistry between the leads?

  10. The last episode will be airing tonight but I’m not ready to let this drama go 😭😭 I want to see more of Jiang Yi and Ying Zi and their future kidsssss 😭😭

  11. This was such heartwarming drama with endearing characters. Their friendship was really which i envied the most. Wish everyone has such friends irl.

    Last few episodes and Yifei-Yingzi’s arc was my most fav.

    Wish they had shown Yingzi & Jiang Yi’s married life by extending series for few more episodes. But nonethless this was truly beautiful drama.

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