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12 Comments to “KinnPorsche (2022) Episode 14

  1. If it ends here then m disappointed fr it’s not giving the end vibes there must be season two 🤔

  2. Something seemed fishy at the end I’m thinking theres(hopefully) going to be a season 2..lets wait and see y’all..‼️

  3. Though I will say vegas, pete, and macau were so cute when they all started hugging aww 🥹🖤 cute!
    Vegas truly deserves pete AND macau! it’s amazing to see he has people who love and are caring for him atm so glad he didn’t end up dead I couldn’t imagine how macau himself would of felt if he had no family by his side…not to mention vegas too…yo..but luckily that isn’t the case!!ayy!


    we all need season 2 now, … asap.. bcos that cant end like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    even though i like the ending but :
    there is so so much left to be seen, discovered and told!!! isnt it? 🙂

    we have to watch how its going further with the family, we have to see the couples all and how they all get along and grow together,
    we have to see how mom will remember her boys and we have to see...
    we NEEd to see more of kinn+porsche
    we NeeD to see more of bar and jeff and for sure more sexy moments also with my double BB-boys (build+bible lol)

    .... however, fact is:
    THAT caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant be it, guuuuuys!!!!!!
    we need - no doubt - SEASON two here!!!
    and it already looks "promising" how it ended bcos thats kinda no ending - no one would end a series like that hehe 😀 <3333

    i mean if that is all, im pretty dissapointed tbh, and i would feel like put this series OFF my top 10 list from #1 again.... lol
    and i really dont wanna do this.

    so give us pls soon season 2 - dear Pepzi, Khom + also Pond (Directors...)
    na-na-nananananaaaaaaaaaa? 🙂 <3

  5. i think mr. gun wants to say something before mr. korn shot him to stop saying anything, there is something missing and i think there is a lot more secrets to discover here.

  6. I knew something was fishy when the doctor said Mr. Korn was dead

    WE NEED A SEASON 2!!!!!

  7. I’m so mad, how could VEGAS DIEEEEE?! He was the character who I could relate to the most..

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