I Promised You the Moon (2021) Episode 3

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6 Comments to “I Promised You the Moon (2021) Episode 3

  1. This drama is just so realistic. SPOILER this really happens in real life like when you are in a realationship at the moment, but you ended up falling for another guy. oh God I love this drama so much <33

  2. It’s so hard to watch this series, its like watching a car crash but in slow motion, you know what’s gonna happen but you can’t do nothing about it. The boys acting is so on point, honestly one of the best bls i’ve ever watched. This episode got me so freakin made at Teh, but at the same time i can understand him, he’s feeling so disconnected to Oh-Aew, and the person he became, that he started to fall in love with Jai.

    1. I don’t think Teh is in love with Jai. He feels disconnected to Oh Aew, so he is trying to fill that gap by pursuing Jai. It is like a rebound. He is drawn to Jai because he ticks the boxes that Oh Aew cannot. Teh and Oh Aew cannot act in movies together, yet Jai and Teh can make movies together.

      Oh Aew was in a happy mood after he had sex, however, the same feeling was not reflected in Teh. He was still unsatisfied. He seeks redemption from Jai

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