Grid (2022)


In 1997, a ghostly entity saved humanity and then disappeared. 24 years later, it reappears and helps a serial killer escape justice. The mysterious ghost is trying to catch the police and special services.

Also known as: 제로 Jelo 0


Status: Ongoing

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Grid (2022) trailer

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9 Comments to “Grid (2022)

  1. I am sure that
    Kim manok is the child
    mean the janitors’s child who died
    Cause in the episode 7-8 we can see
    that saeha accidentally hit that child’s
    eye and later he found that kim manok’s
    eye is destroyed kinda when he goes
    and may be that’s why Alpha helps kim
    manok cause she was guilty for taking
    his father’s life !!!

    1. No it’s 50 percent true see it’s true that kim manok is really the janitor’s stepson

    2. am pretty sure that alpha is only protecting kim manok (Beta) because alpha is beta’s descendant and so if anything bad happens to kim manok, she will also be affected in the future.
      What do i think this you might ask, well its simply bcoz alpha and kim manok all have the same blood type (cis AB as the doctor said in episode 7 i think).
      thats my speculation…fell free to criticize if am wrong.

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