Flex X Cop (2024)


Other name: 재벌X형사 / 골드스푼 / 财阀X刑警 / Goldeuseupun / ChaebolXHyeongsa / Gold Spoon / Chaebol X Detective / Чеболь против детектива

Synopsis: Jin Yi Soo, a third-generation heir to a conglomerate, joins the Kangha Police Station’s investigative team that specializes in catching robbers. Working alongside Detective Lee Kang Hyun, Yi Soo attempts to use his wealth and personal connections to his advantage. Though Kang Hyun is dedicated and a smooth-talker, he is initially resistant to Yi Soo’s presence. As the two investigate a case together, their relationship evolves.


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52 Comments to “Flex X Cop (2024)

  1. bro I didn’t realize that it was bo-hyun in the poster lol??‍♂️
    hmmm…. he’s giving me that ‘bad boy’ look lol

  2. omggg so park jihyun is finally getting her main lead with ahn bohyun, she was a second main lead for him in yumis cells, this is so cool!!!

  3. I’m excited for this drama but… What’s up with the title?? I’m not a native english speaker, but the title sounds somewhat weird. If they left 재벌 as Chaebol and not Flex, it would have sounded better. The double X in Flex X Cop sounds off. I only really understood the meaning behind the title after reading the korean title on the poster…

  4. Something tells me there won’t be any romantic moments in this, but I hope there is. I really like the leads’ chemistry, and what’s with Jun Young? Does he like the fl or something?

  5. FL is better now. She still doesn’t acknowledge ML’s efforts tho but she was insufferable in the first ep. And maybe the other cop in her team likes her

  6. It’s difficult to concentrate on the subtitles when Park Ji Hyun is on your screen; she’s too attractive… anyway the fl is biased against the ml, which is understandable; honestly, any normal person would react the same way. Having said that, why does every rich guy think they’re god or something lmao, for example, the ML dad bro acts like a robot with no human emotions? they all need to be humbled fr

  7. FL character going downhill. Her attitude is terrible. ?
    Like Star lord said why is she dividing their team. So biased against rich heir?
    Maybe she has her reason/past trauma. So what? Grow up nuthead.
    But Jin I-Soo proved them wrong twice. He was great!
    Even Yoo Jun Young her colleague is annoying. Sheesh. Both bunch of incompetent jealous idiots.

  8. Yup. She was the annoying character there. His colleague and she liked him. Made Yumi doubtful, and jealous.

  9. ML got the evidence from the boat without a warrant, does it even count as admissible evidence without a search warrant? And where’s your typical squadron of lawyers to cover that business woman’s and real culprit’s ass? She should have stayed quiet and let the lawyers dismantle the gained evidence.
    Also, same goes for wiretapping, which is illegal in itself without the government permit. That other mom should go to jail for that. That evidence can also likely be made inadmissible.

  10. The leads role makes me feel like I’m watching Lucifer again, with ML casual crime solving attitude as Lucifer Morningstar and FL being our all serious detective decker.

  11. If FL is still annoying in tonight’s episode. Dropping this. Not interested anymore.

  12. Man… everytime i see Bo Hyuns hair in this drama, i’m going insane. Every time I want to wipe the two strands of hair away from his face. It bothers me so muuuuch, argh. haha

  13. Did y’all not see how the higher ups shouted at her at the beginning of ep5 and you all seriously expect to not be frustrated by having to babysit yisoo what is she supposed to do she already has it hard with the higher ups who constantly berate and underestimate her if something happened to Yi soo the blame would totally fall on her.

  14. I’ll be honest, at the start of the episode, I was so livid with the way the female lead (FL) was treating the male lead (ML). Her prejudices were affecting her judgment far too much. Things improved after ML had an honest talk with the youngest team member. He began to understand the team’s perspective and the pressure they face from their superiors. A new person, who thinks he knows a lot but is actually inexperienced, doesn’t help much. ML promising FL that he will not stray too much, and FL assigning him door duty, serves as a kind of initiation and introduction to the basics of policing.

    By the end of the episode, I felt that things had improved between ML and FL, and I hope this improvement continues along with more character development within the team. FL, who was kind of a hard-ass and let her prejudices affect her judgment too much in earlier episodes, is showing signs of improvement; I like her character arc. I don’t expect everything to be resolved in one episode; I just hope for gradual improvement in her character in the upcoming episodes.

  15. You should to rewatch the first episode carefully and you will see his unforgivable mistake during the arrest
    she suffers from something ( at least she has difficulty falling asleep) that reflects very badly on her job
    The higher ups have their own understandable reason

  16. The part that annoyed me most with her getting angry at him at the beginning of the episode was when she was saying that they’re part of an organisation and he didn’t say back “well you haven’t exactly been including me” – REALLY BUGGED ME! They’ve outed this man constantly and now out of nowhere she expects him to just keep her clued up on everything? Make your mind up!

  17. Yeah…I also cant understand why everyone is so mad at FL. She just told him to discuss evidence with her before taking action as she is the team leader.

  18. I already had to stop after the first 7 minutes because of her berating Jisoo. FL seems upset that it’s not her solving the cases.

  19. WTF is FL’s lackeys problem. He hasn’t contributed anything in the investigation so far and is out here bullying the ML.

  20. Started my Saturday by watching this and at the beginning there was only 6 episodes available on Disney Plus and then episode 7 dropped and soon after episode 8. Watched it all and had a lot of fun with it.

    This show seems like it’s the first drama where Park Ji Hyun is the main female lead and someone said earlier, I too now have a crush on her. Hoping to see more of her.

  21. i have a question about the rating system i have verified my account and every time i rate a show or an episode my review doesn’t count

  22. Isn’t “Marry My Husband” on paid cable? If it received double ratings, then this should aim for 20+ ratings, considering it’s on free cable… or maybe i’m just chatting idk

  23. I can’t wait for episode 9 &10. This week’s episodes were great. My favorite being episode 7 so far. Also who’s with me on seeing Yi Soo break about the trauma. I really want to see it so badly. I guess this is going to be the turning point of the show the main story in the coming episodes.

  24. Don’t listen to mean comments about the FL or some annoying stupid teens talking shit about the actor who played the Chaebol just because he and Jisoo broke up -_-
    I almost didn’t watch the drama because of ratings of these people…
    If you like shows like The mentalist, I recommend it for you ?

  25. I think that, in a way, all of these cases are like a puzzle and each piece leads us to the whole picture of what happened with his mom and his past. So far, in my opinion, each case has been hinting at something.

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