Delightfully Deceitful (2023)


Lee Ro Um is an exceptionally clever scam artist known for her persuasive skills and cunning abilities. She has amassed a significant fortune through fraudulent activities, lacking any sense of empathy along the way. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Han Moo Young, a compassionate lawyer who possesses a completely contrasting personality. Unlike Ro Um, Moo Young deeply empathizes with others and is highly perceptive of their emotional well-being. Sometimes, his concern for others becomes overwhelming, resulting in physical manifestations of his distress. As the two individuals with opposing traits come together, their lives intertwine, leading to a captivating story filled with intrigue and personal growth.

Also known as: 이로운 사기 有益的欺诈 Iloun Sagi Beneficial Fraud


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: May 29, 2023


Starring: , , , , ,

Delightfully Deceitful (2023) trailer

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