Death's Game Part 2 (2024)

Death’s Game Part 2 (2024)


Other name: 이재, 곧 죽습니다 파트2 / 이제 곧 죽습니다 파트2 / 死期將至 2 / Ije God Jukseubnida Pateu 2 / I Will Die Soon Part 2 / I’ll Die Soon Part 2 / Yi Jae, You’ll Die Soon Part 2 / И Джэ скоро умрёт 2

Synopsis: Choi Yi Jae is desperate and at the end of his rope after losing his job and life savings to a bitcoin scam. In a moment of desperation, he decides to take his own life. Death appears and offers him an alternative – a game in which he must journey through 13 lives, experiencing death each time, and if he can survive the imminent death coming for each life, he gets to live out the lifetime of that life. With his own life likely a bust, can Choi Yi Jae find a way to save the lives of others?


Status: Completed

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7 Comments to “Death’s Game Part 2 (2024)

  1. Aaahh, My bad. I missunderstood part 2 as s2.I didnt realised that mdl only edited it with part 1 and part 2 from the same season.

  2. ofc I’m enjoying the story but i don’t mind some more action 😅
    the chase scene was epic !

  3. I think it is necessary.
    by looking at the casts. I think s2 will telling about the side story from his mom and girlfriend. And I think why not? isnt is cool if we getting more detailed story from both parties.

  4. I guess… I expected too much from this drama, it wasn’t that good.
    The supporting cast stole the show.
    The overall message was good, everyone should treasure their life and I’m sure it’s popular in Korea, because it’s one of the countries with the highest rate of s**cide.
    I enjoyed the connection between the chracters and how the actors portrayed them, but some lifes weren’t that interesting and I’m not very sure the ending was suitable for the drama.
    I hopeful 7/10 from me, it couldn’ve been much better.

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