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Hey everyone, if you’re into Chinese dramas and wondering what to watch in 2023, you’re in the right spot! I’m here to dish out some super cool recommendations. From epic adventures to heart-pounding romances, I’ve got the lowdown on the best Chinese shows you won’t want to miss this year. So, let’s jump right in and explore the awesome world of Chinese dramas together!

1.A League of Nobleman (2023)

A League of Nobleman (2023) poster
Zhang Ping, an impoverished orphan from a provincial part of the country, arrives in Beijing to take the civil service entrance examination. To make ends meet, he sells noodles on the street. Despite his unsophisticated manners and tendency to dream, he has a keen eye for mysteries. He meets Lan Jue, a young minister who hides a secret, and the two form an unlikely partnership. Together, they work to solve a variety of mysteries, from Lan Jue’s father’s disappearance to corruption in the royal court.

Genres: Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Drama
Starring: Jing Bo Ran, Song Wei Long, Hong Yao

2.Justice in the Dark (2023)

Justice in the Dark (2023) poster
In Xinyuan Civilization Year 253, a deliveryman is found murdered, prompting Luo Wei Zhao, a police officer, to investigate. The criminal organization responsible and the culprit are identified as having “zero-degree empathy”. However, as Luo Wei Zhao continues to look into the case, it becomes evident that there is more to the story. Subsequent investigations lead to the wealthy Pei Su becoming entangled in the case. Rising crime rates and the prevalence of “zero-degree empathy” have become a topic of interest among the Xinyuan Civilization.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Psychological
Starring: Zhang Xin Cheng, Fu Xin Bo, Zhao Zhi Wei

3.Lost You Forever (2023)

Lost You Forever (2023) poster
In the world of Dahuang, three kingdoms, Xiyan, Chenrong and Haoling, were once divided. War ensued between Xiyan and Chenrong, and General Chi Chen led the forces of Chenrong. The daughter of Xiyan’s Emperor, known as General Princess, was called upon to lead Xiyan’s forces. At the cost of her own life, she defeated General Chi Chen and turned the tide of the war. As a result, Chenrong was conquered by Xiyan.

The General Princess had two children in her care: her daughter nicknamed Xiao Yao and her nephew Cang Xuan. After her death, Xiao Yao and Cang Xuan were left alone and separated when Xiao Yao was sent to Jade Mountain.

After 300 years, Xiao Yao had changed her gender and appearance and was running a small clinic under the name of Wen Xiao Liu. Along with her servant, a wine-maker, and a demon military advisor, she crossed paths

Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Dra

4.The Starry Love (2023)

The Starry Love (2023) poster
Qing Kui, beloved by the human tribe, is betrothed to the prince of the heavens. Ye Tan, also a twin of Qing Kui, is not held in the same regard, and is betrothed to the prince of demons. After a mix-up, the two sisters are wed to the wrong princes, causing chaos in the four realms. Despite this, two romantic relationships blossom and a conspiracy arises that threatens all four realms.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Starring: Chen Xing Xu, Landy Li, Luke Chen

5.When I Fly Towards You (2023)

When I Fly Towards You (2023) poster
In early autumn of 2012, Su Zai Zai transfers to Yucai Middle School and meets Zhang Lu Rang, an aloof and cool student with a seemingly outstanding academic performance and privileged family background. Despite his confident exterior, Zhang Lu Rang suffers from self-doubt due to his circumstance of having a genius younger brother and constantly being compared to him by his mother. Su Zai Zai helps him understand the meaning of self, and with the help of Gu Ran, Guan Fang, and Jiang Jia, Zhang Lu Rang begins to plan his life. As their friendship develops, romance begins to blossom and they support one another as they work towards their goals.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth
Starring: Zhou Yi Ran, Zhang Miao Yi, Bian Tian Yang

6.Love You Seven Times (2023)

Love You Seven Times (2023) poster
Xiang Yun was transformed into a fairy by the Red Thread Master and began working in the Marriage Pavilion. She attempted to find a suitable partner for Immortal Chu Kong, the God of War, but instead ended up auctioning off his marriage. This led to a quarrel between the two and caused the Red Thread of Fate to become entangled. This entanglement lasted through several lifetimes, with Xiang Yun and Immortal Chu Kong unknowingly had a deep connection in a memory that they both had forgotten.

Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Starring: Ding Yu Xi, Yang Chao Yue, Edward Zhang

7.Till the End of the Moon (2023)

Till the End of the Moon (2023) poster
Li Su Su is tasked with a mission to travel back in time and discover the origin of the demon lord in order to prevent his resurrection. Disguised as Ye Xi Wu, the second daughter of General Ye, Li Su Su is married to the captive prince Tantai Jin, who will eventually become the demon lord. Despite knowing this, Li Su Su’s quest is complicated when she discovers Tantai Jin’s past life and his rise to power.

Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Starring: Luo Yun Xi, Bai Lu, Chen Du Ling

8.An Ancient Love Song (2023)

An Ancient Love Song (2023) poster
Professor Shen Bu Yan is transported to the ancient era of Acacia. He is determined to uncover the mystery of this era and enlists the help of Lu Yuan, a kind young girl. Together they embark on a quest to discover the ancient secret of Acacia.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Starring: Zhang Ya Qin, Guo Jia Nan, Zhu Lin Yu

9.Road Home (2023)

Road Home (2023) poster
Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen meet at a middle school playground and immediately fall in love. As they grow older, their bond strengthens and they become inseparable. However, their lives take different paths, with Lu Yan Chen training as a special police officer in a different region and Gui Xiao pursuing a career in finance. Though their lives are now apart, their love persists and they maintain a long-distance relationship. After years of separation, Gui Xiao contacts Lu Yan Chen for a special reason.

Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama
Starring: Jing Bo Ran, Tan Song Yun, Baby Zhang

10.Back From the Brink (2023)

Back From the Brink (2023) poster

Tian Yao, an ancient dragon, has been betrayed by love and left severely injured. In an effort to protect his soul, his body has been dismembered and sealed in five different areas. After being reborn, he meets Yan Hui who promises to assist him in recovering his missing body parts. They travel together, with Yan Hui using a heart protection scale to break the seal. As their dangerous journey progresses, their bond grows stronger. Meanwhile, Yan Hui discovers her true identity as a mystical being.

Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Starring: Neo Hou, Zhou Ye, Yang Rong

11.Nothing But You (2023)

Nothing But You (2023) poster
Liang You An is an executive assistant in a dead-end job. When she meets Song San Chuan, a professional badminton player in a difficult period of his life, their paths become intertwined and ultimately life-altering. She encourages him to transfer from badminton to tennis, while he provides her with wisdom and emotional support. Their friendship develops into something more, as they strive for success in their chosen careers, life, and love.

Genres: Romance, Drama, Sports
Starring: Leo Wu, Zhou Yu Tong, Xia Hao Ran

12.Stay with Me (2023)

Stay with Me (2023) poster
Su Yu, a high school student living with his father, experiences a dramatic shift in his life when his mother remarries a wealthy man, introducing him to his step-brother Wu Bi. Though the two start off as polar opposites, Su Yu being a top student with a cold attitude and Wu Bi an underachiever who acts out, an accident leads to a shift in their relationship. As they get to know each other better, their bond strengthens. Tensions build, however, when their true identities are revealed during a heated argument.

Genres: Life, Youth
Starring: Xu Bin, Zhang Jiong Min, Yang Shuo

13.Exclusive Fairytale (2023)

Exclusive Fairytale (2023) poster
Ling Chao and Xiao Tu journey through youth together, experiencing sadness and joy along the way. Despite the obstacles between them, their childhood bond is unwavering and they eventually come to realize the love they share for one another.

Genres: Romance, Youth, Family
Starring: Zhang Miao Yi, Jun, Zhao Lu

14.Mysterious Lotus Casebook (2023)

Mysterious Lotus Casebook (2023) poster
Li Xiang Yi, the master of the Sigu Sect, was a renowned swordsman in the martial arts world ten years ago. He and Di Fei Sheng, leader of the Jinyuan Alliance, arranged a duel in the East Sea, but both vanished afterwards. Ten years later, Li Lian Hua, a rural doctor dragging a lotus tower, becomes embroiled in the pugilistic world. Fang Duo Bing, a young man with heroic ambitions, discovers Li Lian Hua is impersonating a famous doctor and Di Fei Sheng, now back in the martial arts world, realizes Li Lian Hua is Li Xiang Yi. The trio come together to solve mysterious cases and fight for justice.

Genres: Mystery, Wuxia
Starring: Cheng Yi, Joseph Zeng, Xiao Shun Yao

15.Fake It Till You Make It (2023)

Fake It Till You Make It (2023) poster
Tang Ying and Xi Zi Quan meet on an airplane by chance and soon become attracted to each other. They play a game of flirting, stimulating each other’s love lives. As they get to know each other better, they begin to remove their masks, build trust and rediscover themselves.

Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Starring: Elvira Cai, Elvis Han, Bao Shang En

16.Meet Yourself (2023)

Meet Yourself (2023) poster
Xu Hong Dou is a big-city woman who has been working in the hotel industry for many years. When her best friend dies, she takes a break from the city and heads to a remote village near Dali in Yunnan Province. In the village of Yun Miao, she meets Xie Zhi Yao, a local who has given up his job to start a tourism business. Xu Hong Dou uses her hotel experience to help him, and soon finds herself in an unexpected romance. As their business relationship grows, so does their affection for each other.

Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
Starring: Crystal Liu, Li Xian, Hu Bing Qing

17.The Youth Memories (2023)

The Youth Memories (2023) poster
Xiao Chun Sheng, Ye Guo Hua, and Chen Hong Jun are friends who grew up together in the same courtyard and whose parents work for the military and government. Together they enlist in the army, take the national university entrance examination (gaokao), go out to sea, and start a business. They are also joined by Tong Xiao Mei, a Beijing girl working to become a doctor. This is a story that follows the personal journeys of these four individuals during the 1970s reform era in China, as the country modernizes and moves towards a more open relationship with the rest of the world.

Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Starring: Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, Liu Rui Lin

18.The Forbidden Flower (2023)

The Forbidden Flower (2023) poster
He Ran and Xiao Han, two people at pivotal points in their lives, unexpectedly meet and find a connection. He Ran has been learning about the outside world, romance, and personal growth, while Xiao Han has a difficult past but has found contentment living alone. Through their newfound relationship, each helps the other regain the confidence and hope in life, and explore where their story will take them.

Genres: Romance, Melodrama
Starring: Jerry Yan, Xu Ruo Han, Yu Xiang

19.The Love You Give Me (2023)

The Love You Give Me (2023) poster
Five years ago, Min Hui and Xin Qi had a complicated relationship. Min Hui had been pretending to be Xin Qi’s long lost childhood friend, but Xin Qi suffered from a dangerous heart condition. Every time Min Hui tried to tell him the truth, he would not believe her or his heart condition would worsen. When he eventually learned the truth, he cut all ties with her. Now, five years later, they are reunited at a business event and Xin Qi is determined to take out his anger and betrayal on Min Hui. Through a series of events, Xin Qi discovers that Min Hui has a son who has the same heart condition as him, and that he is the father. After some conversations and a quirky living arrangement, Xin Qi and Min Hui try to forgive the mistakes of the past and rekindle their love, now as a family.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Starring: Wang Yu Wen, Wang Zi Qi, Cui Yi Xin

20.Destined (2023)

Destined (2023) poster
Liu Yu Ru is the legitimate daughter of a former cloth merchant who lives a stoic life with her mother and is mistreated in her household. Through a misunderstanding, she is married off to Gu Jiu Si, the wealthy but indolent son of Yangzhou’s wealthiest family. Initially, Gu Jiu Si does not like Liu Yu Ru, but as she settles into her new life, she begins to learn business from her mother-in-law and the two become close. War looms on the horizon and the Commissioner of Yangzhou causes terror in the city, with the Gu family falling into unimaginable circumstances. Through their trials, the couple grow ever closer and become destined for greatness.

Genres: Historical, Business, Comedy, Romance
Starring: Bai Jing Ting, Song Yi, Liu Xue Yi

21.Destined (2023)Destined (2023)

Hidden Love (2023) poster
Sang Zhi develops a childhood crush on Duan Jia Xu, a boy five years her senior who frequents her older brother’s room to play games. After graduating, Sang Zhi attends university in the same city as Duan Jia Xu, where the two gradually form a close bond and eventually fall in love.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth
Starring: Zhao Lu Si, Chen Zhe Yuan, Victor Ma

22.The Legend of Zhuohua (2023)

The Legend of Zhuohua (2023) poster

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Drama
Starring: Jing Tian, Feng Shao Feng, Wang Li Kun

23.My Journey to You (2023)

My Journey to You (2023) poster
Yun Wei Shan is a spy on a mission to infiltrate the Gong residence. There, she discovers a complex and treacherous environment in which she faces unexpected love, friendship and self-discovery. Alongside the rebellious nobleman Gong Zi Yu, the two grow and mature together through their shared experiences.

Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Starring: Yu Shu Xin, Zhang Ling He, Ryan Cheng

24.Here We Meet Again (2023)

Here We Meet Again (2023) poster
Xiang Yuan, the eldest daughter of Donghe Group, is tasked with rescuing their Xi’an branch from bankruptcy. She runs into her former crush Xu Yan Shi, whom she had attempted to court during their school days. Xu Yan Shi is now facing difficulties at work, but remains determined to pursue his dream of becoming a navigation engineer. Through the process of rescuing the company, Xiang Yuan learns to take ownership of her situation. As they both strive to reach their respective goals, they come to support each other.

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Starring: Janice Wu, Vin Zhang, Huang De Yi

25.A Date With the Future (2023)

A Date With the Future (2023) poster
Ten years after a devastating earthquake, Xu Lai and Jin Shi Chuan are reunited when he saves her during a major highway accident. Though Xu Lai remembers him, he does not recognize her, and a misunderstanding results in criticism of the fire department. Determined to win his heart, Xu Lai becomes a dog trainer to help the fire department, and in the process, hopes to mend his deep emotional scars.

Genres: Romance, Drama
Starring: William Chan, Zhang Ruo Nan, Ren Hao


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  1. Tiger and Crane should be on this list, between nr 1 and nr 4, it is a superb series, well translated and with great actors

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