Bed Friend (2023)


Uea is a very private person who hates casanovas, while King is smart and is a casanova. King and Uea work in the same office and both are best friends with Jade. They don’t like each other but begin to have a particular “relation” for some reason.

Adapted from a novel by littlebbear96.

Also known as: อย่าเล่นกับอนล Ya Len Kap Anon Don’t Play with Anol Middle Love Project Bed Friend Series


Status: Ongoing

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10 Comments to “Bed Friend (2023)

  1. This is a cute romantic story and it gets me so hooked that I can’t wait for a new episode. Love it the producers did a great job. ?

  2. I am so happy that ep4 finally came out. I heard that episode 5 is coming out on March 18th. ?

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