Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) Episode 20

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6 Comments to “Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) Episode 20

  1. ha such a moving episode! he wanted to get a big win to pay respect to his teacher but the old man couldnt resist and he came directly to watch him! can imagine the pressure the boy should be under when his friend said he got his coach to watch him! that bow was all said in silence that he would respect him with a perfect win! wonder what only happened in the past…is this boy who is so respectful really did a blunder and never owned up!! i doubt it !!! his gf also is such a savage! she killed the guy in one game and made him come to earth!

  2. Man this episode was emotional his bow for his teacher showing respect and his teacher heartfelt smile and little wave was amazing

  3. Lin yiyang meeting his coach and showing his respect before the game 🎱, how beautifully they portrayed this emotion I couldn’t control my tears.😭😭😭
    Well enjoyed the match also, they both killed it. I also believe that successful man is not equal to a good man. I saw people with mask pretending to be good but I guess how the world is today. I envy you lin yiyang for having such a good people around you.

  4. OMG, Master He came to watch him compete! I think I was just as shocked as YiYang was… and the way he smiled so warmly and waved at him as if over a decade of silence didn’t pass between them, awww… my emotions…

    I can’t put into words how happy that moment made me (been hoping for it for several episodes now). Surely their early bond is what has shaped YiYang to be the man he is on his way to becoming today. And he was so fearful and insecure to face him after so many years… but when he when took that deep bow towards Mr He, not gonna lie, I was so moved. All the love, appreciation, respect, regret, embarrassment and joy of a disciple and his master just poured out of them when they finally greeted each other… best moment for this episode for me~

  5. I cry in almost every episode…this is so heartfelt. I applaud the creators: script. director, etc.

  6. Xiao Dong, Xiao Dong, you have a small step forward to get Lin Lin back. Put your pride aside.
    Tacit love from Yin to defeat with diplomacy Yi’s pretentious opponents. If she uses this same method, her mother will not be in her hair for long.
    Yi vowed to always follow her lead…marital status or not.
    As I had commented episodes back, Yi and coach He would be a heartbreaking reunion. I swallowed my tears.

    A good story to start the week.

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