Alienoid 2 (2024)

Alienoid 2 (2024)


Other name: 외계+인 2부 / 외계인2 / 祖宗膠戰外星人2 / Oegye+In 2 Bu / Wegye+In 2 Bu / Alien + People: Part 2 / Alien + Person: Part 2 / Alien + Man: Part 2 / Alien: Part 2 / Alienoid: Part 2 / Alienoid: Return to the Future / Пришелец 2

Synopsis: A mysterious alien substance called Hava is killing people, and Min Gae In realizes this is only the beginning. To stop it, Ian travels to the past to find a powerful weapon that can open a time portal and save Thunder. Heuk Seol, Cheong Woon, Neung Pa, and others join the search for a divine sword. Meanwhile, Mu Reuk is confused by a strange presence inside him. As Ja Jang begins to chase Ian and Mu Reuk, they discover a weapon that can open the time gate and return to the present with Thunder and two immortals. Together they must battle the aliens, prevent Hava from exploding, and save the people.


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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  1. Hoping there will be a US release in theatres like last time, but I haven’t seen news of it yet. Maybe it will be a little delayed. I already own Part 1 on DVD.

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