A Shoulder to Cry On (2023)


Lee Da Yeol is an outsider at school, finding solace and joy in his archery club. However, a chance encounter with the popular Jo Tae Hyun puts his scholarship and passion in jeopardy. Tae Hyun, known for getting away with anything, accuses Da Yeol of trying to make out with him during a scandalous incident in the nurse’s office. Despite Da Yeol’s efforts to clear his name, the rumors persist, and Tae Hyun takes pleasure in tormenting him, making Da Yeol’s life miserable. As Tae Hyun follows him everywhere, Da Yeol’s feelings towards him begin to change, leaving him confused about the thin line between love and hate. Will Da Yeol be able to clear his name and continue pursuing his passion, or will Tae Hyun’s relentless bullying push him to the brink?

Adapted from the manhwa “Sonyeoneul Wilohaejwo” (소년을 위로해줘) by Dong Mul (동물).

Also known as: 소년을 위로해줘 소년을위로해줘 Sonyeoneul Wilohaejwo Sonyeoneulwilohaejwo Comfort the Boy


Status: Ongoing

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A Shoulder to Cry On (2023) trailer

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