A Killer Paradox (2024)


Other name: 살인자o난감 / 살인자ㅇ난감 / 殺人者o難堪 / Murderer o Nangam / Sarinjaonangam / SarinjaㅇNangam / Murder DIEary / Murderous Toy / The Murderer and the Toy / The Murderer & the Toy / Дневник убийцы

Synopsis: Lee Tang, an ordinary college student, accidentally kills a customer while working at a convenience store at night. Stricken with guilt and fear, he discovers that the victim was a serial killer and realizes he has the ability to identify wrongdoers. Lee Tang becomes a vigilante, punishing those who have committed past sins. However, he is pursued by a determined detective. Based on the webtoon “Sarinjaonangam,” this drama spans 8 episodes.


Status: Completed

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47 Comments to “A Killer Paradox (2024)

  1. i want a fl, it seems so interesting tho and obviously Mr Gu is playing Mr Gu in here too, lol 🤣🤣

  2. From Webtoon Fandom: A Killer Paradox (살인자o난감, 살인자ㅇ난감, Sarinja O Nangam) was a thriller Webtoon Original created by kkomabi; it simulcasted and concluded on January 10, 2024. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver (2018 re-serialized) and concluded on June 2, 2011.

  3. Vigilante, too. A lot of these shows have similar concepts. Looks like it’ll be a different feel though with a bit more off-kilter comedy sprinkled in.

  4. somebody has the most evil ML in kdrama history. a true serial killer (its known from the start). felt like I was watching Dumher but drama style

  5. somebody has the most evil ML in kdrama history. a true serial killer (its known from the start). felt like I was watching Dumher but drama style

  6. what is your problem anyway? its not even out.
    I am reading the webtoon and i prefer it to the shop for killers. the comment just said one of the top shows. you don’t have to compare for everything.

  7. not for all of them tho, they do have some tv shows on there where they don’t release all episodes at once

  8. did I spend money to finish the webtoon? yes
    do i regret it? absolutely no
    am I even more excited? hell yes

    can the 9th come faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. oh the trailer looks great! And Son Suk Ku is an absolute amazing actor! I have never seen Choi Woo Shik in a drama series though but I am curious to see how he does.
    Very excited for this one

  10. brooo all these types of dramas that are releasing/have released in 2024…i’m loving it ahhahaha

  11. its because its not an actual thriller it is marketed incorrectly it is a mere slow burner hence why those who enjoy thrillers and were excited to watch are disappointed

  12. it’s definitely Not total garbage lmao,, it’s just one of those shows that hits for some people and misses for others (I guess you could literally say that abt all media but this show in particular seems to be more polarizing)
    I’m personally enjoying watching it currently!! if you liked extracurricular or strangers from hell you might like this one too

  13. I agree the way the premise was marketed, I have to admit the plot got lost in the shuffle. Even though I enjoyed it, I did feel like it wasn’t totally what I was anticipating. I think it’s just unfocused in the second half, but it’s not bad.

  14. It was marketed incorrectly.. just watching the trailer it gives the impression it is a thriller not a slow burner

  15. Decent, but for me Song Chon diluted the plot a bit and took away the focus from Lee Tang a bit too much. I prefer Vigilante overall

  16. first half great,second half okay. Lee tang’s story takes the back seat in the second half which was a choice… and not one I like very much. oh well, still a pretty good show overall.

  17. understand that there are shows that genuinely drag on for like 400+ eps, but a two hour movie or an 8ep show??? yeah idk

  18. that’s not what I mean either, although my comments probably made it seem like that 😭 I genuinely felt like this drama was paced well for an 8ep thriller, but to each their own I guess

  19. I got kinda Death note vibe from it. It was cool , but the Song Chon story line was a bit too much, I think if they spent more of that time on Lee Tangs development it would’ve been much more interesting

  20. Rewatched it, really solid thriller with excellent black humor. Many good thrills!
    I loved how fast Sukku always was to find Woo Shik. Normally in thrillers they have to walk around a bit and search but in this drama Sukku always instantly locked on! I found it hilarious. So many small chefs kisses here and there for noir-thriller-black humor lovers in this drama.

  21. just finished this… it was an entertaining watch. who knew suspense + dumb luck would be fun. acting was fine, story was good, cinematography was at times artful. a season two could be interesting.

  22. i love thrillers and this one makes me sleep so i use it as a sleeping pill. 10 mins in and i sleep like i am dead.

  23. It had a good start and I love the cinematography and the editing. The soundtrack is great too. The acting is good. The premise is interesting. But the detectives are so boring and I can care less about them. I looooove son sukku like crazy but I am kinda bored by his character. I thought the story was gonna be focused on Tang and his unhinged antics

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