The New Employee (2022) Episode 7

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3 Comments to “The New Employee (2022) Episode 7

    1. mine literally stopped when it realized its the END of the last ep and skipped 2-3 beats……….
      sigh……….all was soooo open+the ending was not really a ending to me,right? 🙂
      it was like … there will come a EP 8 or Season 2 and we will see how they will… (oh so many things they would do lol)

  1. NOOO WAAAY!!???
    what is this?
    what is that for an ending now?
    staaaaaaaaaaaahppp kidding me guys, and hurry to film asap SEASON 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!! 💜😻😋😱😱🥰🙄🙄😮😮😂

    we all need season 2
    + a continuing story about these both and the new life together!!!

    i need a S2 for seeing how the old company will bite their asses for let them all go lol 😆

    and i need more lovey-dovey-moments of KWONHYUK+MOONJIYONG!!!😻💜 (like them both in amusement park, them both in partner-pijamas + them both in bed + at work with the girls + just much more EP pls of these two!) hehe…. 💜😁😁👍👍💜💜💜

    i really liked how they get along + how they solve their issues and talking,… well talk, its magic and the key….
    and – its again proved , that it is a must between partners+lovers.. to simple TALK!! (and i really loved to see how these both gave the viewer this important hint and teached the viewer to follow their example and be a better person to your partner..)
    talk , or no one will know what you think or want !! its that easy hehe 😎😎👍👍🤭😋🤩

    btw, did i mentioned before that ……………………………we all really need Season 2?!!!!! lol 😂 seriously!!! no joke!!!
    this was amazing and need a S2!
    so pls start filming soon ! 🙏🥰💜💜👍

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