The Eighth Sense (2023)


Ji Hyun, a newcomer in Seoul, feels isolated and alienated in the bustling city. He meets Jae Won, a returning student, and the two share a mutual curiosity. Ji Hyun joins Jae Won’s surfing club, and they bond over their love for the sea. During a club trip, they share a kiss, which deepens their relationship. However, Jae Won begins to act distant and indifferent, leaving Ji Hyun unsure of their feelings. The story explores the complexity of relationships, self-discovery, and the cultural dynamics of modern-day South Korea. Ji Hyun grapples with his feelings and insecurities as he tries to navigate a new life in the big city, while Jae Won struggles with his own demons and fears. Will their attraction prove to be a temporary fling or the start of a long-lasting romance?

Also known as: 여덟 번째 감각 여덟번째감각 여덟번째 감각 Yeodeolbbeonjjae Gamgak


Status: Ongoing

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  1. I really like this b.l it was a full rarely happens that I want to rewatch a series but I want to rewatch it already…just finished it.

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