May It Please the Court (2022)


A detective drama about two public defenders who become involved in a serial murder case involving wealthy elderly people.

Noh Chak Hee (Jung Ryeo Won) was once an A-list lawyer with the highest winning rate, but was demoted to public defender. Her first name “Chuck Hee” means “to live a good life”, but her last name “No” (“No”) symbolizes that she has deviated from that path. She is the type who works hard and will do anything to win a case. However, a year ago, shortly before she was going to become a partner, she almost had her license revoked due to one case. Her goal is to get back to the law firm as soon as possible.

Chwa Si Baek (Lee Kyu Hyun) is merciless to the strong but kind to the weak. After graduating from law school, he could have become a judge, prosecutor or lawyer in one of the top three law firms, but became a public defender. However, even the secretary who has been working with him for many years does not know about his private life.

Also known as: 변론을 시작하겠습니다 Byeonloneul Sijaghagessseubnida / Let’s Start the Argument / Let Me Start My Argument / Let’s Start The Defense


Status: Ongoing

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May It Please the Court (2022) trailer

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