High Cookie (2023)

High Cookie (2023)


Other name: 하이쿠키 / 하이 쿠키 / Haikuki / Hai Kuki / Hi Cookie / Привет, печенька

Synopsis: Choi Soo Young is a young woman struggling to make ends meet and care for her younger sister after the sudden death of her parents. Seo Ho Su is a third year student at Junghan High School, the best private school in South Korea, who is trying to stay focused on his studies despite his family’s issues. Yoo Seong Pil is a college admissions consultant with a mysterious past who takes a consulting position at the same school. When Choi Soo Young’s sister gets into trouble with a dangerous cookie that brings wishes to life, Choi Soo Young is determined to protect her at all costs. In the process, the three discover the secrets behind the cookie and their own pasts.


Status: Completed

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