Bo Ra! Deborah (2023)


A romantic drana that portrays the journey of Yeon Bo Ra, a famous love coach and a successful author of romance novels, and Lee Soo Hyuk, a charming man who struggles with love.

Soo Hyuk is a critical publishing planner, not easily impressed and has a negative impression of Bo Ra initially. But, their lives become intertwined unexpectedly, and he becomes increasingly attracted to her.

Han Sang Jin, Soo Hyuk’s friend and business partner, is the head of Jinri book publishing company.

Also known as: 보라! 데보라 연애에 진심인 편 연애의 진심인 편 宝拉!黛宝拉 Yeonaeui Jinsimin Pyeon Yeonaee Jinsimin Pyeon /I’m Serious About Dating / I’m Serious About Dating


Status: Completed

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Bo Ra! Deborah (2023) trailer

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